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Your Baby: Our Center of Attention




We want you to have as much quality time with your baby as you would like, as well as adequate time for rest.  Your baby can be in your room as much as desired or in the loving arms of our nursing staff.  Feeding your baby can be on-demand or by your request.

Relatives and friends may visit you and your newborn in your room. For your baby’s protection, we ask that your visitors wash their hands and be free of colds or other illnesses.


The Family Birth Center wishes to provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your baby. In order to achieve this, the following measures will be implemented:

• A security band will be placed on your baby, which allows the Family Birth Center staff to monitor if your baby gets close to an exit or if the band is removed.  The band will signal an alarm at the nurses’ station and will notify the Family Birth Center staff.

• The Family Birth Center Unit is completely locked down. There are security locks on all doors. In addition to a screening process for family and visitors, determined by mother’s preference.  The Family Birth Center staff care a great deal for you and your baby’s security.