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Director: Nichole Monnett, RN
Clinical and Programs Manager: Orrin Converse
Location: West Campus, 1st Floor
24 / 7
Phone: Main Switchboard: 360-532-8330

Services Provided:
We provide all aspects of emergency care to our community. When you need us, we are here: every day no matter if it is Christmas or just any day of the week. If you have a heart attack, we are here.  If you are hurt, we are here.  We are your safety net.

Special Equipment/Services:
New state-of-the art, 19 bed department opened 2006. 

  •   3 Trauma Rooms
  •   3 Cardiac Rooms
  •   1 OB/Gyn Room
  •   12 Exam Rooms
  •   Bedside Registration
  •   CT and Xray next door
  •   Pneumatic Tube system with direct delivery to Laboratory

Other Information:
We partner with multiple EMS agencies in our community to deliver seamless care.
Our Registered Nurses are required to have certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Trauma Nurse Core Course, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. 
Our Physicians are specially educated in Emergency Care and Procedures.
Our ED Technicians are required to be certified in Basic Life Support.  They are also trained to provide special services such as applying splints, drawing blood, and assisting in patient care.

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