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Family Birth Center

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Director: Barbara Connett
West Campus, 2nd floor
24 / 7
Phone: 360-537-5280

Services Provided:

  • Labor, delivery, and recovery of both vaginal and cesarean deliveries.
  • Great Start Newborn Program:  Moms bring their babies back to the unit 2 days after discharge for a check up and to view the Infant CPR DVD.

Special Equipment/Services:

  • 4 birthing suites for labor, delivery, and recovery.
  • 7 private post partum rooms large enough to accomodate spouse or support person staying overnight.
  • Babies room in with the mothers to encourage bonding and breastfeeding on demand.
  • Level 1 nursery.
  • Room service meal delivery.
  • Operating room within the unit for cesarean deliveries.

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